Teresa E. McGarrity, Esq.


Experienced Trial Attorney

Teresa E. McGarrity (Terry) served as a criminal defense attorney in the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission for over a decade, including service as a senior trial attorney and appeals supervisor. 

Terry McGarrity has defended many hundreds of adult and juvenile clients on a wide range of criminal charges, including:

 - driving offenses (DUI / DWI, hit-and-run, eluding, driving on suspended/revoked license);

 - drug offenses (possession, distribution, manufacture);

 - property crimes (larceny, embezzlement, destruction of property,  burglary, trespass);

 - fraud offenses (tax fraud, welfare fraud, construction fraud); 

 - firearm offenses;

 - conspiracy offenses; and

 - violent crimes (assault, battery, abduction, carjacking, malicious  injury, robbery, rape, and murder).  

Experienced Appeals Attorney

Terry McGarrity has served as appellate counsel or as supervising appellate attorney in numerous appeals before the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Virginia Court of Appeals.  Terry's appellate work has contributed to significant reversals of criminal convictions.

DISCLAIMER:  Each case is unique.  Prior successful case results do not predict or guarantee future results. 

Versatile Legal Counsel

Terry McGarrity's successful legal representation also includes civil cases involving child custody, divorce,  fraud claims, and breach of contract claims.

Superb Legal Education

Terry McGarrity earned her law degree from the  prestigious University of Virginia School of Law, and was licensed to practice in 2001.